What is Black Box?

We're an in-home sampling service. You, as a consumer, can sign up to receive boxes from us by telling us some details about you. Brands wanting to reach out to people that match your profile will add their product into a box. If you match all of the criteria for a box, you might get chosen to receive it. Once you receive the box, you will try each item, take part in some challenges and complete a survey to review each product.


If I sign up, does that guarantee me a box?

Our free membership doesn’t guarantee you a box. Our free membership is currently full. However, if you’d like to sign up to our silver membership, this guarantees you one box for the year.


What is silver membership?

Our silver membership is a paid option, which costs $38 per year. This membership guarantees you one box for the year and preference over free members for other boxes.


What is Black Box Power?

We’ve teamed up with Pulse Energy to bring you Black Box Power. An innovative new partnership committed to bringing our customers lower electricity prices, better features and more Black Box Boxes. To find out more check out www.blackboxpower.co.nz or their FAQ page

*Cheaper Electricity refers to our Price Promise. This only applies to electricity rates and delivery charges but not to other fees and charges which may apply from time to time such as reconnection. Price Promise applies to the combination of fixed and variable electricity prices. Please refer to www.blackboxpower.co.nz for full terms and conditions.


I'm trying to update my details but I keep getting an error message that says "Whoops, something went wrong" What do I do?

This is due to an error with your delivery address. Please remove the content in the address field completely, then search for the address again. Once you have done this, your profile should save. If you have any further trouble, please contact us on adminnz@blackboxglobe.com and we can assist you with getting this fixed.


What is the easiest way for me to submit photos on my phone?

Post them to our Facebook page, following the instructions sent to you by email, or posted in the challenge posts on our Facebook page. Photos can also be posted on Instagram, using the challenge hashtags so that we can find your entry.


How are people chosen when a box is being sent out?

Being chosen for a box depends on how the information in your profile and the consumer profile of the campaign match up. If you match, you will likely be shortlisted with the chance of being selected.

We love it when you:

·      Open our emails

·      Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram

·      Get involved on our Facebook page, liking, commenting and sharing

·      Post pics of you and the products in your box to social media and share them with your friends


What happens if I am emailed to expect a box and it does not arrive?

We will try to track down the box for you, and if it is lost, we will try to send a replacement. However, we can’t guarantee that a replacement can be sent to you. If your box hasn’t arrived within a week of receiving your shipment email, please email our team on adminnz@blackboxglobe.com and we can look into this for you.

Helpful hints on making sure you do get your box:

·      If your delivery address is an apartment or has a code for gate, we suggest you use a business address.

·      If using a business address please state the name of the business and floor number.


What happens if I don’t complete my Black Box Survey once I have received a Black Box?

We reserve the right to remove you from the Black Box programme. You will not be eligible to receive more boxes if you don’t complete your survey.


If I tick all the profile boxes will I increase the chances of getting a box?

By ticking all of the boxes, you will contradict yourself, excluding you from boxes that you may actually match in truth. We reserve the right to remove any profile which we believe contains false information, including duplicate profiles.


How do I update my profile?

Simply log in above and update your information.


Can we have multiple profiles from one address?

Yes, this is fine. We encourage anyone aged 18 or over to register. We can only accept one profile for each email address though.


Do you deliver to rural addresses?

We can deliver to rural addresses, however, if you find your deliveries take a while to arrive due to few deliveries in your area, you might find it easier to have your box delivered to a friend or family member outside of rural delivery.


Do you deliver to PO boxes?

We don't deliver to PO boxes due to the timeliness we need the boxes to arrive to our members in order for them to trial them while all items are fresh. If you can't have an item delivered to your home or workplace for any reason, we recommend adding a friend or family members address as your delivery address.



For further questions, please email our team on adminnz@blackboxglobe.com and we can help you out.